divendres, 20 d’abril de 2018

A school year working on our rich heritage

Over this school year our students have been very working hard about our project. Here you have some presentations they have made about Barcelona's and Catalonia's heritage...

A video by Helena Lahora, Gerard Moya and Carlos López

a video by Josep Pallàs, Andreu Oller, Biel  Perpinya

a video by Alicia Becerra

a video by Maria Maroto

a video by Simon Shafrazyan

dijous, 14 de desembre de 2017


Today has been the last day we have been working because tomorrow we are going to visit somewhere in Lisbon.
In the morning, we all met at 8:15 in the school. The first thing that we did was taking an "oficial" picture of all the students and teachers. Later, we continued the work in groups to prepare some activities for the next meeting in Lithuania, in the spring of 2018.
While we were working, the two Marias (Valls and Maroto) played badminton in the sports centre of the school. We went to see how they played and to cheer them up.
We ate with our partners and, after that, in the afternoon, I went to a mall with some partners to buy some presents for our families.
We only have one day left to make the most of this experience! Guillem.

dimecres, 13 de desembre de 2017

Tuesday report by Maria Maroto

Hey everyone! 

Today has been a tiring but exciting day. We started by creating our own logo for our Erasmus+ project. We divided the class into 9 different groups and we  made different logos. After the break, we explained their meanings and we voted to decide which one should win. The winner group was number 1, Júlia's group!

After that, we learnt some games. We showed each other typical games in our country! For example, some Portuguese friends showed us how to play "Peixinho"! It was really funny and entertaining, but they did not allow us to "lie" in the game (you know we usually use strategies and some kind of "trampas", hahaha).

Then we had lunch in the canteen and I stayed with Guillem, Júlia and Albert during the free-time. We enjoyed a lot!

At 3:30 p.m., I continued with my part of the project, which was videomapping, to have it ready for watching the final video in the dinner. Videomapping consists in projecting a video on a surface. What we did was projecting different videos on the windows of the school, and it looked really cool. While my group continued with the project, the others started cooking the dinner and did some activities. I think they had a lot of fun cooking three Spanish omelettes and preparing the typical Catalan pà amb tomàquet and fuet!

Finally, we all met in the canteen to have dinner and enjoy that time. It was kind of farewell dinner, but we were the cooks! It was fantastic and we tasted the Portuguese codfish with sweet rice, the German soup with pancakes and the Lithuanian sweets and a different "soup" (I don't remember the name!). It was a great chance to discover the gastronomy of each country! We went outside to watch the videomapping to finish our day.

I think we have had a tiring day (because we did a lot of things) but so happy for everyone of us! This is being a great time to meet new friends and to learn about different cultures, and most important, to preserve our heritage.

I hope you all have a good night!

Thanks for reading,

dimarts, 12 de desembre de 2017

Sunday/Monday report

Today was the day that was meant to stay with the family to get to know one another better, but the Portuguese students thaught that we all better met and had a good day visiting Lisbon.
We met at 11:30 at the monument of Descobrimentos but somebody was late, so we started the walk one hour later.
The first thing we did in the morning was visiting the Torre do Belem, where we took some pictures, after that we went to have lunch at a fast food restaurant and for dessert we bought Pastels do Belem.
After having lunch we went to Praça do Comerço, when we have arrived it started to rain so the Portuguese students decided to go to a "fira", there we stayed for one hour and after riding some attractions all of us have went like sick. 
After that everyone of us went home to relax, after a very intense day.
Albert Bayo

Today in the morning we have done some presentations about de heritage in Portugal, Spain, Lituania and Germany and, also, we have made some presentations about all the schools in the exchange.
We have also done a little school tour and then the teachers have made teams to work common things and differences among the countries, talking about food, music, holidays, castles, and fairy tales. Also, one of us has done an activity called video mapping.
After that activity we have had lunch.
After lunch we have done the presentations of the common things among the countries.
After school our partners decided to make a football match so we went to our houses, changed the clothes and then came back to school for playing the match.
After that we all  went to our respective homes. It's been a nice working day! 
Laura González

diumenge, 10 de desembre de 2017

Nou projecte Europeu!

Ho hem aconseguit!
Manyanet Sant Andreu ha tornat a aconseguir un projecte europeu. De la ma dels socis portuguesos i alemanys amb els que van fer el projecte Comenius, més un nou soci de Lituània hem engegat nou projecte que en aquest cas busca fomentar la innovació pedagògica a través de l'estudi del Patrimoni de cada país participant.
Aquesta setmana hem iniciat la visita a Lisboa i a continuació us deixem les impressions que una de les nostres estudiants participants, la Júlia Antich, ens ha escrit sobre el primer dia a Portugal de projecte:

Today has been a funny and interesting day. Even though we all woke up very early in the morning,  we have enjoyed a lot this trip. At 8:15 am we met at the school with all the people that are joining this Erasmus and we started our bus trip. After that, at 9:30, we stopped at Estação de Aveiras and we had lunch. The first place we have visited is named Batalha Monastery. The real name of this monastery is Monastery of Santa Maria de Vitória, but most of the population call it the other way because it was built after the victory of Aljubarrota battle. 
At half past one we arrived in Nazaré and we had free time. Most of us had lunch at a restaurant and later went to the shore. The Atlantic Sea is very beautiful. Then, at half past three, we went for a walk and enjoyed magnificent views. We have taken loads of pictures there. And finally we have been to Óbidos, a Medieval village that is really cool. Now we are all with our partners at home and tomorrow will be another wonderful day! 

divendres, 24 d’abril de 2015

Últim dia de projecte

Ahir  va ser l'últim dia del projecte. Pel matí, els alumnes estrangers van estar visitant el centre de Barcelona, on van ser testimonis de  l'ambient al carrer de la diada de Sant Jordi. A la tarda es va fer una posada en comú de la feina que s'havia fet dilluns  i després les famílies acollidores van organitzar un sopar al menjador de l'escola. Al final del sopar el Pare Taulats va entregar els diplomes acreditatius de la trobada a alumnes i professors i ja per acabar vam poder veure un vídeo amb imatges de les 4 trobades realitzat per la Queralt Mas de Xaxars, la Rebeca Aldea i la Cèlia Monteagudo. Va ser molt emotiu.
Així s'acaba un projecte de dos anys que ens ha deixat un record per sempre a tots els que hem participat i amb ganes de continuar col·laborant amb la resta de les escoles participants en nous projectes de cara el futur. En realitat, això no s'ha acabat! 

dimecres, 22 d’abril de 2015

Avui, visita al CRAM i a Sitges

En el tercer dia del nostre projecte europeu hem fet una visita al CRAM, el Centre de recuperació d’animals marins al Prat de Llobregat. Durant la visita hem fet un taller sobre espècies invasores i com el canvi climàtic pot afectar als oceans.
Després, hem anat a Sitges per fer una petita visita i dinar. Demà, dia de Sant Jordi, visitarem el centre de Barcelona.

Aquí teniu unes quantes imatges que resumeixen el dia d’avui: